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EAST IOWA The Gazette, Oct. 1, 2002 3B 2)ensDBii xpe6dl Ms hi Ganske-Harkin probe transferred out of state By Rod Boshart The Gazette DES. MOINES Whether state criminal charges will be filed in a secret taping of a Greg Ganske strategy meeting could be decided soon, while a request for a federal probe of the incident has been transferred out of Iowa to avoid a conflict, officials said Monday. Polk County Attorney John Sarcone said he hoped to decide by weeks end whether state criminal charges are warranted over a Sept 3 incident in which a Ganske political meeting was secretly audio-taped by cohorts of Democratic rival Sen. Tom Harkin.

Iowa Republican Party Chairman Chuck Larson Jr. and Bill Armistead, manager of the Ganske for U.S. Senate campaign, have charged that state and federal laws were violated by the unauthorized activity and have requested criminal investigations of their allegations. Citing personal relationships with both Larson and Armistead, Steven Colloton, U.S. Attorney for Iowas southern district, recommended that he and his office be recused from this matter to avoid even an appearance of partiality a request accepted by Associate Deputy Attorney General David Margolis.

Margolis, in a letter to Larson and Armistead, said he has assigned the matter to the U.S. Attorneys Office for the Northern District of Illinois in Chicago. The matter was transferred out of Iowa because the U.S. attorney for Iowas northern district in Cedar Rapids is Lar-' sons father, Charles Larson. In Des Moines, police are investigating GOP claims that Ganske, a four-term congressman seeking to oust Harkin from the U.S.

Senate, was the victim of Watergate-style dirty er who conspired with a 53- year-old ex-Harkin aide to tape and transcribe a meeting involving Ganske, 24 supporters and White House political director Ken Mehlman, who was connected via telephone from Washington. Tom Harkin could put an end to this real quick. He could tell what he knows and come clean, Ganske told reporters. Otherwise, this is going to continue to dribble out and dribble out and I think thats really sad. Tom Harkin really missed a chance tonight to really level with the Iowa people.

Harkin said an internal investigation conducted at request determined a former aide, Raphael Ruthchild, 21, arranged with a former Harkin associate, Brian Conley, 53, a Des Moines businessman, to have Conley tape the meeting and Ruthchild spearheaded the effort to transcribe and disseminate it. The three-term senator said would not be surprised if there is criticism regardless of how the investigation turns out Im sure claims will be made (of politics), but I think if you look at my history or the 12 years that Ive been county attorney weve never let politics dictate what our decisions are, he said. Decisions have always been made based on the law and the facts. Thats what governs it and thats what will govern this as well. Sarcones comments came as the dust was still settling on Sunday evenings first face-to-face meeting between Ganske and Harkin since the secret taping of the Sept 3 Ganske meeting and dissemination of a transcript by a Harkin campaign researcher to a newspaper reporter came to light last month.

Ganske used Sundays radio debate to prod Harkin for a better explanation of his campaigns role in the taping scandal. Harkin had said it was the work of a junior research staff tricks intended to harm his political campaign. Hopefully, well conclude this by the end of the week, Sarcone said Monday. I would think, given the circ*mstances, that we ought to be able to get that done. Were going to try to conclude this promptly, but were going to have a thorough investigation.

Sarcone, a Democrat, said this was the first complaint of an alleged crime for secretly taping a political meeting in his tenure as Polk Countys chief prosecutor. Given that its an election year, he said he tfh 'J a its time for the campaign de- bate to move onto important issues facing the nation Ganske wants to try to milk the taping controversy for political points instead. Ruthchild and former Harkin campaign manager Jeff Link, resigned from the campaign over the flap. Link initially denied any knowledge but later admitted involvement by the Harkin campaign. Ruthchild and Conley have declined comment since being implicated in an incident that Harkin has described as a Dennis the Menace caper.

Steve Wandro, a Des Moines attorney representing said he and his client cannot comment until we know where the dust will set- tie. We dont know whos the target or what the crime is, Wandro said. My reading of the law is that there has been no crime, but others read it, differently. 1 Contact the water (515) 243-7220 or dmbureauinfi net ACLU backs privacy of clinic records DES MOINES (AP) The American Civil Liberties Union filed a friend-of-the-court brief Monday asking the Iowa Supreme Court to prevent police from obtaining pregnancy records at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Storm Lake. The Buena Vista County attorney obtained a subpoena in June ordering Planned Parenthood to provide him with the names and addresses of every woman who had had a positive pregnancy test at the clinic over a nine-month period.

The office sought the information as part of an investigation into the death of a newborn, whose remains were found at a recycling center in May. Planned Parenthood says the test results are confidential medical records. Monday was the deadline for Planned Parenthood and its defenders to file their briefs with the Iowa Supreme Court. Buena Vista County officials must file their briefs by Oct. 25, with Planned Parenthood having un-td Nov.

4 to reply. Arguments are scheduled Dec. 9 before the Supreme Court. Candidates reject landfill site near Viola if Picking apples at Cambridge Collins-Maxwell Elementary Schools kindergarten students (left to right) Chantel Maxwell, Kaleb Smith and Colin Thomson pick apples with other classmates during their visit to Blacks Center Grove Orchard on Friday in Cambridge. C.R.

family experiences pain of another young mans death AP photo tilts yet another young man dead. Its another senseless death. L)nda Gilbert, mother of murder victim Tyrone Gilbert, and Ronald Buckleys aunt biers, doing backflips and jumps. That memory, Ill cherish forever, she said. He was young, full of life.

Health officials still had not confirmed the source of Buckley's rabies as of Monday. Lumir Dostal Incumbent Linda Langston Challenger city, chamber, Priority One and others, Langston added. Langston called for the su-jxTvisors to approve an extension of Highway 100 soon or the vital project may be lost. Dostal responded that the county backs Highway 100 hut environmental issues need to be resolved. Those involve the Rock Island Preserve near the roads corridor.

Dostal said he believes those concerns will soon be addressed. Dostal, a lifelong Linn County resident, reminded Rotarians of his accomplishments in agriculture, as a Linn-Mar school board member and as county supervisor. Dostal said he advocates smart, organized growth for the county to ensure that the infrastructure keeps up with an increasing population. Dostal, in citing accomplishments during his eight years in office, pointed to the countys top Aaa bond rating, 6,500 acres of fine county parks, a new juvenile detention center, remodeling of the jail and new sheriffs offices and well-maintained bridges and roads. Id like to thank Linda for running a nice campaign.

I guess it doesnt get dirty down at our level, Dostal quipped in closing. Contact the writer (319) 3988255 or dick hogangazettecorrvnunications com C.R. news daily tv Linda Gilbert said from her 19th Street SE. home. "Its yet another young man dead.

Its another senseless death. Gilbert said Buckley, her nephew, was more than a cousin to her son, Paul Gilbert. He was his she said. Buckley, a rapper known as Lil Boutit, visited Gilberts home frequently and she watched him grow up, she said. Buckleys mother and stepfather, Wanda and Ronald Tucker of Cedar Rapids, declined comment.

Gilbert said her favorite memories of Buckley were caught on videotape. He was in a group of tum- pw- r.k lva Hess and her husband Bob were the very first residents here at Bickford Cottage. Bob passed away this past spring but Iva is still here and in the very same room that she shared with her husband. Iva and Bob were married for 72 yedrs and residents of Marwn most of their lives. When asked what she likes most about Bickford Cottage she says its all of the friends that she has made since she has lived here.

She says "friendship depends on you, how you approach people and how Dostal, Langston exchange views at C.R. meeting 1 By Dick Hogan The Gazette CEDAR RAPIDS Neither candidate for Linn County supervisor supports siting a new landfill on 565 acres near Viola. At Mondays Downtown Rotary Club meeting, Democratic challenger Linda Langston of Cedar Rapids and incumbent Republican Lumir Dostal of Marion rejected the site in answering a question from the audience. Langston said its too far from the metro area and there are cultural concerns. The site is adjacent to where Grant Wood painted one of his famous works, Fall Plowing.

Langston called for pulling business interests together to get a waste transfer station going. Langston added that it would probably be worthwhile for Bluestem to revisit the Hennessey site for a landfill. The Hennessey property, 425 acres on the southwest edge of Cedar Rapids, was condemned by Bluestem and then abandoned. Dostal, a Blqestem board member, mostly agreed. Dostal said he voted agamst the Viola site.

Its time to either build a transfer station and ship the waste or locate a landfill close to the metro area so there is no need for a transfer station, Dostal said. Langston said the county lacks leadership in some areas, primarily in economic development. The countys absence is most noticeable when others attempt to get local industry and business to expand, she said. The job is being left to the 2 arrested in burglary, assault in Waterloo WATERLOO Two Waterloo men arrested Monday face charges in connection with a weekend burglary and sexual assault Curtis Austin, 23, was charged with first-degree burglary and possession of firearms as a felon. Walter Marshall, 17, was charged with first-degree burglary and second-degree sexual abuse.

Police said money was taken and a 25-year-old woman was sexually assaulted after three suspects broke into her home about 9:45 p.m. Saturday. Austin and Marshall, who were being held in the Black Hawk County Jail last night were arrested after police stopped a car Monday morning. The third suspect remained at large. By Cindy Hadish The Gazette CEDAR RAPIDS Linda Gilbert knows too well the pain of losing a family member.

Her son, Tyrone Gilbert, was shot to death less than two years ago. His murder remains unsolved. Now her family is trying to cope with the death of another member. Ronald Buckley, 20, died Saturday of rabies, said by health officials to be the first human rabies case in the state in more than 50 years. Tyrone Gilbert was 28 when he was shot to death on June 21, 2001, in southeast Cedar Rapids.

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As the second-largest city in the state, we are: The largest corn-processing city in the world. One of the leading manufacturing regions in the United States. One of the leading bio-processing and food ingredient centers in North America.

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The Gazette is unique as a fully independent and 100 percent employee-owned media company. The Gazette has been in print since 1883.

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SW, will print its last Gazette on Tuesday. Printing of the newspaper moves Wednesday to Gannett Publishing Services in Des Moines. It marks the end of an era that started 138 years ago, on Jan. 10, 1883, when the first Gazette rolled off a press in Cedar Rapids.

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The 5 largest ethnic groups in Cedar Rapids, IA are White (Non-Hispanic) (85.4%), Black or African American (Non-Hispanic) (4.96%), Two+ (Non-Hispanic) (3.66%), Asian (Non-Hispanic) (2%), and White (Hispanic) (1.65%).

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Cedar Rapids's Most Famous Dishes
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Cedar Rapids, Iowa's cost of living is 11% lower than the national average.

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The FamilySearch Library has two large alphabetical collections of Iowa obituaries. The original collections are at the Iowa Genealogical Society, where most of the obituaries were collected. These obituaries date from about 1850 to 1991.

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